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Strategic Communication

The PR Club Would Like to Introduce Strategic Communication.

The first decade of the 21st century ushered in several advancements and changes in our society. Outlets for interpersonal and mass communication continue to expand and improve as the world continues to be saturated in the digital age. Businesses and organizations are not immune to the sweeping expansion of communication technology. They must adapt and progress in order to survive, and they need personnel who can keep up with a changing work environment.

Beginning Fall 2012, the Department of Communication at Southern Utah University will be combining Advertising and Public Relations emphases into one consolidated study titled Strategic Communication. This emphasis will enable students to learn and apply strategic communication concepts in a variety of methods. The department hopes that this emphasis will prepare students better than if they majored in just advertising or public relations.

All students should be aware of how strategic communication is continuing to change in the world and how they can be prepared for their future careers.

What is Advertising?

Advertising is a form of communication that persuades audiences to take some form of action. Advertising comes in several different forms; from television commercials and billboards to product packaging and event brochures.

Advertising is about more than just developing a catchy commercial jingle. It culminates a variety of disciplines to create, promote, and maintain brand awareness and organizational ideals.

What is Public Relations?

Public relations is the establishment and maintenance of positive relationships with various publics of an organization. PR practitioners help with product launching, special event planning, crisis communication, promotional ventures, personnel well-being, and other projects that require critical thought and creative writing.

By simultaneously working with company executives, media outlets, and the general public, PR practitioners foster understanding and consensus between different groups of people inside and outside of an organization.


Why combine advertising and public relations into one emphasis of study?

By combining advertising and public relations into one emphasis, the Department of Communication aims to send graduates into the workplace with skills culminated from a variety of fields. In this age, it is essential that students understand all aspects of strategic communication planning and implementation. Strategic Communication studies will prepare students to be experts of all types of messages. It is simply not enough to learn either advertising or public relations singularly. Employers seek individuals that specialize in several capacities, and the Department of Communication is ensuring that it stays up-to-date with professional trends.

How will the Strategic Communication emphasis help students?

Strategic Communication majors will receive knowledge and practical training from faculty with professional and academic experience in advertising and public relations. Students will take courses on topics such as advertising strategies, public relations writing, copyright and layout, case studies, persuasion, news writing, and public relations campaigns. Graduates will be prepared to enter the workplace with diverse skills and extensive knowledge in advertising and public relations.

The Department of Communication’s purpose is to provide students with the most up-to-date curriculum of communication topics. The introduction of the Strategic Communication emphasis in intended to fulfill this purpose.

Steven Powell
SUU Department of Communication


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