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Public Relations Student Wins Public Relations Competition


Southern Utah University student, Jay Sorensen, won the ninth annual Public Relations Student of the Year contest April 10, 2012.

The contest on April 5 was hosted by Richter7, an advertising and public relations agency based out of Salt Lake City. The agency recognizes one student each year that has shown superior communication and public relations skills, as well as professionalism, and a strong academic background since 2003.

Sorensen was chosen as one of four finalists. The other finalists included two students from Brigham Young University and one student from the University of Utah. The students were given the assignment to create a hypothetical public relations campaign for the Mitt Romney presidential campaign.

Sorensen said, “I felt confident I could do well from all the help that I received from professors, peers, and administration.” Sorensen received criticism and suggestions from classmates and professors several times before the competition but still said he was a little bit nervous, “it was a long three and a half car ride.”

Sorensen is proud that he won the Public Relations Student of the Year. Along with winning the award, Sorensen received a $500 cash prize and an IPad.

Sorensen is a senior graduating in public relations and political science from Southern Utah University. During his time at Southern Utah University he has been the Student Director for the Michael O. Leavitt Center for Politics and Public Service and the Marketing Assistant for University Affairs. Sorensen will continue his education at Southern Utah University next year while pursuing a master’s degree in communication.


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